Tree Trimming

Important Reasons to Trim Your Trees:

* Monsoon storms can cause a major amount of damage if your trees are not in their healthiest condition to withstand the high winds and heavy rain.

* Untrimmed palm trees can cause a great amount of damage and also a big mess in yards and pools if not maintained and trimmed properly - no one wants to be that annoying neighbor that makes a mess in surrounding yards!

* Did you know...? You can trim any part of a tree that extends onto your property line even if it does not belong to you. However, having the tree trimmed by a Certified Tree Specialist like, Jesse Heywood at Next Level Tree, will ensure the health of the tree and the safety of yourself and your property.

* There are certain times of the year that are best to trim each tree and maximize your grooming budget. Find out how much you can be saving on your tree care with a FREE ESTIMATE from Next Level Tree Service.

* Larger untrimmed trees can provide an unhealthy amount of sun-blockage causing the grass or foliage surrounding the trees base to suffer and die. A proper tree trim performed by a skilled tree professional from Next Level Tree Service will bring the tree back to it's beautiful curb appeal while still maintaining the health and structure of the tree.